Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Day of Summer Comin Up!

This week marks the official "first day of summer" and things are buzzing in Brooklin! Boats are being launched, BBQ's dusted off, flags unfulred and stores stocked up and ready for the season!

At Betsy's we are getting ready to celebrate our first birthday! We opened on July 4th last year and are excited to head into our second year with a Birthday Celebration to thank all of our wonderful customers and friends.

Come by on Saturday July 9th from 3-5pm and you'll find Greg manning the smoker with his popular pulled pork and bbq sauces from Cue Culture in Portland to taste test.

Also on the menu will be a delightful array of cakes from Nancy McMillan of The Cakery. She will be providing samples of some of her newest cake creations for our birthday don't want to miss it! There will be store specials all weekend and a drawing for a gift basket and gift certificates. thanks to all for such a wonderful welcome and successful first year!

But, before all that happens, we have Brooklin's famous 4th of July Celebration. Brooklin is famous for it's fun and original parade, local band music, book sale and all the festivities at the green afterwards...At Betsy's we will be having noted local artist

Barbara Joy Hare signing copies of her recent, beautifully illustrated and touching childrens book, Sarah's Sunflower Seasons. She will be on hand before and after the parade hopefully set up at a festive table in front of the store (weather permitting)..otherwise on our cozy front porch! We also offer a selection of her beautiful greeting cards, so stop by and get your copy and have it personally dedicated to someone special by the artist!

Don't forget we have everything you need for your 4th of July Celebrations...Lots of red, white and blue! Paper plates and napkins, insulated picnic bags, picnic cloths and tea towels, anything you need for a lobster feed except the lobster!

We are also all stocked up for your boating needs..local charts and cruising guides, folding buckets, odor eliminator, collapsible galley ware,tide charts and unbreakable drinkware just to name a few.

Need a rainy day pastime? We have kids stickers, balls, yo-yo's, potholder kits, books galore and playing cards. For adults we stock crosswords, sudoku, puzzles and a wide array of interesting book titles.

So welcome summer! Farmers Markets, ripe blueberries, breezy sails, hot lazy afternoons, evening concerts, lobster feeds, family and friends, backyard BBQ's, icy swims, island picnics and mt hikes. Maine is brimming with everything summer so bring it on and enjoy every minute!