Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just Do it!

Well, spring is taking its sweet time this year arriving, but all you can do is get out there and do what needs to be done...like grilling and smoking and breaking in the BBQ. Greg has been trying out all the Maine made sauces and rubs we carry on some luscious smoked turkey, pulled pork and salmon.

Lucky I get to be the guinea pig for all his efforts! Not to brag, but he and Paul Brayton recently won the Men Who Cook challenge at the Seamark benefit in Deer Isle with his North Carolina Pulled pork and Pauls coleslaw combo! We have all the gear and gadgets you need to get cooking!

The rain won't stop, but that can't stop the gardeners...we've got everything from flying pigs and cherubs to decorate the garden , to sharpening stones for your favorite tools and everything in between, so don't let a little lack of sunshine hold you back..matter of fact, the sweet peas, lettuce, spinach etc are loving this weather and the hummingbirds are happily hovering around the bleeding hearts!

New books by lots of local authors are in stock...along with tons of new cookbooks, including several great new gluten free titles, bbq books and baking books abound! Locally authored and signed cookbooks are always available.

There are signs of spring everywhere regardless of the gloomy sky...boats are heading to the harbor every day and WoodenBoat School has cars from all over pulling in for Alumni Week. Morning Moon has opend the ice cream window...YAY!

The Farmers Market has started advertising for opening day at the end of the month, so put on your slicker and boots and get out and enjoy...I've been noticing how vibrant the colors are against a steely sky.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day!

May Day! I do believe spring is really happening now! daffodils in Betsy's back garden and asparagus ready to eat...no turning back now! Peas are planted, along with first sowings of spinach, lettuce and carrots and of course the beautiful sweet peas too! This is what we have all been waiting for. Hooray!

We are all ready at Betsy's with great pots, seeds, garden tools, gloves, books and so much more...remember all those gardening moms out there! Happy Mothers Day to all.