Saturday, April 16, 2011

Betsy's is OPEN!

New OPEN flags and banners for Betsy's Sunflower! If the flags are flying we are OPEN for business...Please notice our new ships bell by the front door..if you cannot find anyone inside, just give it a ring..we can hear it all the way to Center Harbor I think! I am usually out in one garden or another this time of year, so don't hesitate to ring for service! We are now back to regular hours...Tuesday through Saturday 10:00am till 5:00pm-ish....or whenever the flags are flying! We expect to stay open seven days a week during the summer (June, July and August).

Easter is upon us and Mother's Day is just around the corner and then we slide right into Memorial Day and summer is officially here! Right now we are unpacking lots of great gardening items, Guy Wolff pots, super new "Ethel" gloves (a Martha favorite) kids tools and gloves, seeds from Renees Garden and books and more...the cold is hanging on but I am digging in my sweet peas this weekend anyway. It is bound to warm up soon?!? Stop by and check out what's new!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fool's

April Fool's!! Wouldn't this be nice??? Well, we are feeling a bit foolish around here..... Visions of gardening, spring bulbs and yard cleanup keep drifting through our thoughts, but we can't even get the winter greens out of the windowboxes yet because they are still frozen in! the April Fool's snowstorm was like a slap in the face to everyone who enjoyed the last springlike day of March by getting out in the yard, raking, tending young bulbs and shedding their sweaters and coats! Inside Betsy's we were unpacking new garden kneelers, shears, sharpeners and kids trowels.. replenishing the garden seed packets and tins . Hanging up some pretty new spring scarves in the window while we watched the heavy wet stuff cover up all our newly uncovered tulips and daffodils! The robins are here though and the sun is definitely high enough to melt this in a hurry if we can just hang in there a bit longer. We are sticking to our late winter hours just a few more weeks until it really warms up enough to turn off that confounded money devouring heater! Won't be long ..the sun really warms up the store if it is even 45 degrees look for a mid April return to Tuesday through Saturday hours and a real start to the spring season....there are buds on the hydrangeas and lilacs just waiting to unfold!