Thursday, June 10, 2010

All We Lack is Finishing Up

YAY!...we have the building closed in and a front door to boot! Greg is doing an incredible job of creating a building that looks as if it has always been sitting right where it is for ages! The details are the most fun...old store windows we have hauled around for years without knowing what we might use them for. Front porch posts from a great little salvage and antique shop called FIFI (finally I found it!) on route 3 just outside of Augusta. An old schoolhouse lamp we picked up once on a visit to Tarpon Springs Florida and dragged around for years, etc .etc.
I'll be taking pictures of the inside as we finish up...lots of painting going on and just waiting on the electrician to pull it all together. Then comes the FUN part. My closest friend PJ Trowell who owns the Riverlily, a wonderful shop in Apalachicola across the street from where Betsy's Sunflower used to sit has generously offered to lend an experienced hand to come in and help me get everything unpacked, checked in, priced and displayed as quickly as possible. Her only requirement is that I feed her well and make sure there is wine available at the end of the day! With The Cave, Brooklin's gourmet chocolate, wine and cheese purveyor right around the corner, that will be no problem!
Several other pals have offered to come in and help and I will surely need all the help I can get to pull this together and get open before the end of the month. Wine and cheese for all!
The weather in Brooklin has continued to be exceptional, there are plenty of boats at their moorings in Center Harbor and elsewhere and even a few out sailing! I'm afraid ours awaits the completion of the store before she will get much attention, but if we keep up the pace it won't be too long now before SARAH gets wet.
Brooklin's new Farmers Market has opened to rave reviews and has been very well attended. Thursday afternoons from 3-5pm across from The Cave you will find lots of folks milling around and buying locally produced veggies, breads, plants, crafts and more. What a great addition!
The lupines are beginning to fade, but are being replaced by colorful poppies, peonies, iris and even the beginnings of a few early delphinium. What an incredibly lush spring it has been here in my garden....lots of hummingbirds are enjoying it too!
We'll keep you posted on the final push to get this project off the ground and open for business! Stay tuned.....