Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Progress on the New Betsy's Sunflower Maine!

It has been a hectic few weeks since we returned from Oregon and Greg has made lots of progress on the future home of Betsy's Sunflower in Brooklin. As you can see from these pics, we now have a roof, windows , siding and that is only the part that you can see on the outside.
It has been great fun watching this new "old" building come together...we are using primarily recycled building materials... most everything right down to the exterior weathered cedar shingles has been salvaged painstakingly by Greg and put to good use here! the windows still have some nice wavy glass and they all work! the floors are recycled as well as the french doors that will be installed on the front this weekend. We have found some nice old porch posts to hold up the porch roof and when its done we 'd like to think it will look like it has always been there!
While we have been busy spring has arrived here in Maine...it has been the earliest and most pleasant anyone can remember for quite some time....often in May we are still looking at frozen dirty remains of snowbanks at the end of the drive or experiencing very frosty plant killing nights! Not so this year....all is green and growing with a vengeance. The smell of lilac is in the air and more boats lumber by every day on their way to be launched in Center Harbor.
While Greg has been busy on the exterior of the building..I have been busy making sure there will be plenty of fun and affordable items to fill it up with! Deliveries are coming in and soon I will be able to get everything unpacked and open the doors....
Speaking of doors, we are asked daily when we might be opening and I can only say with certainty that we will open as soon as we can!! Mid June is still our target date, but we are doing it all in our "spare" time after our day jobs, sooooo we'll keep you posted on an opening date as we get closer to it!
In the meantime thanks so much to all the folks who have stopped by to check it out and those who have given their time to swing a hammer or lend a hand or a tool. We appreciate all the positive feedback and enthusiasm we have had from friends and neighbors. Just one more reason Brooklin is such a great town to live in. Oh yes, and the advice!!! Keep it coming! I know at least a few of you were skeptical when Greg started building the gable ends and roof inside the building!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back in Brooklin at the Sunflower Store

Greg and I returned from Oregon today! If was a long trip but well worth it. I had not yet seen where my son and daughter in-law were living (they moved out there from Maine 2 years ago) so it was nice to get a real feeling. Now it's back to real life working on the kitchen, garden, and home shopping experience that is to be Betsy's Sunflower this summer. The links across the top of the page will tell you more about my product offerings as they evolve and improve.

The webpage will be a work in progress (as we build the store) for a while but keep checking back for updates on the store, product line-up, hours of operation, special deals, and tips for getting the most out of your time on the coast of Maine. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Store in Brooklin Maine? Betsy's Coming Soon

My mind is in two places at once. I'm in Oregon today, but all that is to come at Betsy's Sunflower on the corner of Naskeag and Reach Road in Brooklin (yes my front yard) is also keeping me busy.

To my knowledge, there might be shingles going up on Betsy's Sunflower back on the east coast in Brooklin Maine and inventory continues to arrive on the doorstep while we take a breather and rest up for the finishing push before opening Betsy's Sunflower Maine.

All the while Greg and I spent an incredible day exploring Central Oregon with my son Alex and daughter in law Laura. The Cascades peaking in and out of the clouds on a beautiful sunny spring day.

I'm never too far away to be thinking about the store and have even found some neat items while poking around out here I might add to the mix. I'm always keeping an eye out for unique products wherever I go, Oregon included! I'm excited about getting home and pulling it all together. Back in Maine next week.